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About Us

REV. Samuel Opoku Amponsah

Rev. Samuel Opoku Amponsah is the founder and leader of Living Word of Faith Evangelistic Minitry International. Since 2000, Rev. Samuel Amponsah has successfully engage in winnig Souls for Jesus Christ currently he is the Head Pastor At Dome  where the Church headquarters is located.Through him we believe a lot of people have seen Christ Jesus and accept him as their Lord and Savior.

He is not only the Founder  and a Pastor at Living Word of Faith Evangelistic Ministry, he is also the founder of a school called High Priest  Academy . He is a product of All Nation for Christ Bible College .

His new God giving vision is to take care of retired Pastors ,Widows and Pastors wife who are not living with their wifes and husbands  as a result of death, as well as Ophans.

Phone No.: +233 560582151
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